First Alert 2096DF review

First Alert 2096DF review

First Alert 2.1 Cubic Foot Water, Fire, and Theft Digital Safe Review

Although perhaps best known for their smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, First Alert also manufactures security cameras, security boxes, security chests, security doors, security safes, and gun safes.

In fact, First Alert is based in Chicago, IL. and is owned and operated by eAccess Solutions, Inc. which is a worldwide provider consumer products, software, and consulting services. Consequently, their products are distributed worldwide and they serve over 65% of the U.S. Fortune 100 as well as branches of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Military, and educational institutions in addition to small business and individuals worldwide. Therefore, there stated goal is “to exceed your expectations with top-notch customer service driven by our hands on experience with the products we sell”.

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Therefore, First Alert “Fire, Water and Theft” Safes are specifically designed to be heavy-duty safes that provide the user with superior protection from fire, water, and theft. Now, I am aware that when most of us think of safes, we think of them as place to store our valuables in order to protect them from criminals who would gladly abscond with them given the chance and indeed, that was the first function of the safe.

However, anyone who watches the evening news is aware of the many natural disasters that are happing yearly across the United States ranging from forest fires, to torrential floods, to hurricanes. In addition, one cannot help but notice the sharp rise in crime generated by the “Great Recession” and the country’s achingly slow recovery which are forcing people to do things they would not normally do in order to feed their families. Consequently, the number of burglaries is also on the rise nationwide and thus, it is simply a wise idea to purchase a safe in which to store your valuables.


However, while most any safe will deter a burger who is looking for items which they can absconded with quickly, only some safes will protect your valuables from damage by excessive heat caused by fire and very few safes will protect your valuables from flood waters. Thus, the First Alert 2096DF is an answer to all three problems. It features internal dimensions of 19 5/8” x 13 1/2” x 13 7/8” and, in order to protect your valuables from criminals intent on theft, this safe features patented, pry-resistant, concealed, hinges, a backlit digital keypad with a programmable, digital, lock that uses your own personal 3 to 8 digit pass-code along with four live, and two dead, bolts to secure the door.


In addition, the First Alert 2.13 cu. Ft. fire safe features two, adjustable/removable, shelves, a pull-out file rack, a hanging key rack, and a passport / document storage pocket. Plus, it is a UL classified “media protection device” and thus, testing done by an independent lab has verified that the safe will protect digital media including memory sticks, CD’s, DVD’s and external hard drives for 1 hour at an external temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal temperature of no more than 350 degrees.


Furthermore, the safe’s composite construction and water tight seal causes the safe to float in the event of a flood (which makes it easier to find) and yet, the contents will remain dry even if the safe is fully submerged.

Plus, this safe also includes an override key that will enable the user to open the safe in the event that they forget their passcode or the batteries are not replaced before they lose their charge.

Last, due to its hefty 145 lb. weight, the First Alert 2.1 Cubic Foot Water, Fire, and Theft Digital Safe also includes a removable, extendable, handle with two wheels so that it can be easily moved to different locations in your home or business.


Reviewer: Estelle Dusot
“Very good for keeping photos and other memories from being consumed by the fire or destroyed by the water. Mostly a plastic container that floats and it is supposed to be water resistant.

Reviewer: Paul Dumitru
“I bought this safe since it had the best ratings for fire resistance and water protection… I wanted to have a safe to keep my important papers in it and know they are protected in case of fire. As theft protection, it is poorly constructed, plastic case and pretty light… The safe even full slides very easily across carpeted floors and even hardwood floors so it can be carried out of the house very easily… The safe cannot be bolted to the floor or a back wall. I hope it is as good as it is rated for fire and water protection, although they recommend to put documents in gladware or other waterproof containers. The water seal does not look encouraging.. The construction is not sturdy, a lot of plastic parts and it does not look like it is going to last long or take abuse…I can only say that the water from the fire department will probably get in without much effort.”


Although the many features of the First Alert 2096DF make this sound like a fantastic product, after in depth researching and reading many negative reviews regarding key features of this safe, I am skeptical about purchasing or recommending one of these safes to anyone.

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