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Study for safe guns and future possibilities

Right now the most pliable option to binary options experts safeguard a your guns is a gun safe. There are different types available made especially to keep at various places at home, office or in your car.Just like traditional safes, gun safes are used to prevent the theft and unauthorized access of one’s valuables (in our case, guns).

Some of the firearms safe are coming with biometrics.These safes are sometimes known as Fingerprint Gun Safes, since they need your fingerprint to open. You can program this to open only with your fingerprint, or someone else’s, such as the spouse etc.These Gun safes can usually store a few number of fingerprints.But these safe are limited as far as safety goes as the real biometric technology is not available in this price range at this time.

Other possible future implementation of biometrics is being projected with two possible technologies,both funded by NIJ.But none of them have reached a level of discrimination required by the law enforcements.One is owned by Smith and wesson which uses skin spectroscopy called the lightprint by lumidigm.The discovery made by researchers was that human skin of an individual can act as his fingerprints. The thickness of the skin and the presence of the unique characteristics of each individual, as well as the ease of reading this information simply by radio graphic testing of the skin by the laser beam in a fraction of a second can be used in the futur in the field of electronic identification of user of the weapon. As in the devices with the fingerprint reader, a pistol and a rifle will be equipped with a small device that unlocks the weapons only for the owner. The advantage of this technology compared to fingerprinting –is no need to process the image. Measured only by the wavelength of light reflected skin, which reduces power consumption and size of the device. Other technology is the one designed by NJIT which uses hand grip pressure to identify the user.This technology have an advantage that it can be used even when the skin is wet or wearing hand gloves.

Rifle and shotgun storage guide-Best long gun safe for the money

Storing long guns has always been one of the more challenging aspects of ownership. These weapons are cumbersome and take up a considerable amount of space.But before we write some of the best rifle gun safe reviews we have to point out three things.

First-Gun safe industry is not similar to the true safes industry.There is much more competition.So in an effort to increase sales companies may advertise their product similar to true safes that are used for storing high end valuables like money,Jewelry etc.

Second-The size of normal home or office safe is usually smaller than the safe made for long guns.

Third-There is considerable difference in price of a true safe and a gun safe.So the ones that can be compared to a True safes comes with price. That’s why we say that in gun safe you get what you pay for.Best explained in this talk on weaponseducation.

Priority of selection-While selecting a gun safe for long guns that you can use to keep your collection for the long run,our priority of selection is as below.These priority is based on the statistical occurrence of the phenomenon that it protects its content from ,ie there are more burglary then fires.But since gun safes offer minimum fire protection(See section on Fire protection),dimensions will come next and last will be fire protection of a safe there fore the order will be.

Burglar protection > Dimensions > Fire protection

Close to true safe models

Below we have listed the only companies whose selected models are most close in construction to a true safes in terms of burglary and fire protection.Some items do not have gun safe like dimensions but that can be traded off if you get the features of a true safe.

NameAmerican Security BF6032Amsec
(Height x width x depth)
60 x 32 x2172 x 35 x 29.5
Weight1118 lbs3455 lbs
Max guns2235
Door typeSolid steelComposite
Door steel thickness1/2 "Steel thickness NA -but meets UL 687 Class TL-30 requirements
(thickness with concrete 6" l )
Body thickness11 gauge outside onlySteel-NA but meets UL 687 Class TL-30 requirements
Total thickness-3-1/2" (two sided steel with high densidty concrete inside)
Fire rating2 hrs @1275°F
Comparable to UL listed fire rating
2 hrs @1275°F
Comparable to UL listed fire rating
Burglar Security ratingRSCU.L. certified TL30x6
RemarkAmsec BF series safe uses true fireliner unlike other gun safe company which uses Gypsum aka fiberboard aka sheetrock.

A smaller better option which is a true safe therefore more suitable for high end valuables has a B grade construction rating is BF3416. But its height is only 34 inch.
This safe is tested for forced entry on all four side rather then just the door side as in most rating specifications.
Pry tabsYes (Strong Steel plates)Yes
Relockers/Anti puch lockYes
2 relocker.
One inside lock (internal)for Physical tool attack.One glass (external)for drill attack.
One internal and one dual(Act on lock and linkage system) external relockers.
Four way dead bolts.No 3 sides,(Hinge side fixed)No 3 sides,(Hinge side fixed)
External hinges.YesYes
Anti punch bolts mechanismUses relocker for tamper detectionDrill resistant reinforcement plus dual relocker.
Shearpin,clutchesNANA Slip clutch handle that but do not break from origional bolt moving mechanism.
UL 760 lockYesYes
Insulation typeConcrete amalgamate 2" ,1″ on door with inner fireliner of steel of 14 gauge.High strength concrete plus high-density high-strength ceramic.
Anti drill plate Near lockNAYes (patented hard plate)
Door sealYesYes
Continous weldYesYes
NameRhino Supreme AIW and A SeriesHeritage Ultimate Serious
Max GunsVaries48
Door typeSolid steelSolid steel
Door steel thichness1/4" solid steel
1.5"(total) -CD
Body thickness
(Inc order)
10 Gauge1/8" outer body,1/16" inner liner(Total 7 Gauge)
Fire rating90 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
120 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
Burglar Security ratingRSC
Recessed door for pry protection.
Anti-Tamper Clutch & Handle.
Anti-Tamper Linkage.
Dual relocker For more info see this
C class construction
PriceA $2589 to $3500
AIW $3500 to $5300
RemarkRhino company offers series A,AIW,CD,CIWD and big horn.While A,AIW CD and CIWD are american made Bighorn is not.
AIWD and
CIWD has more of a decorative value as it has an antique gun safe look.
Heritage safes feature a special bolt that clasp to safe on prying.2 layers of steel in body and
automatic four sleeve overcam relocker sytem.
Pry tabsYesYes
Relockers,Antipunch locksYes Dual relocker which acts on both,the deadbolt on lock and the linkage.Yes-Default(in lock) plus Glass relocker Protected by four layers of steel (door plate included) called the quad sleeve relocker design.
Four way dead boltYesYes
External hingesYesYes
Anti punch bolts mechanismRelockers.
Steel reinforcement door frame and
Rigid, welded linkage
Special bolts with notch at end that clasp to door jamb in pry attack and 4 sleeve overcam design.
Shear pins clutchesNAShear pin
Ul 760 lockYesYes
Insulation typeFiberboardGypsum (fiberboard).
Anti drill plate near lockYes-plus anti Tungsten carbide Drill Resistant plate.Yes
Door sealYesYes
Continous weldYesYes
NameLiberty Presidential SeriesBrowning Home safe Deluxe 17Fort knox.-Top
Legend series.
All other series also comparable.
(Height x width x depth)
Door typeComposite plus inner solid steelSolid steelSpecial four Fold composite door
Door steel thickness1/4"1/2" Plate
1 5/16" (total)
3/8" or 1/4" solid steel
plus 10 gauge inner folded steel metal.
Body thickness7 gauge1/4" (3 Gauge)10 Gauge
With stainless steel in legend series.Optional in other series.
Fire rating40 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
90 to 120 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
90 minutes @1680°F
[email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
Burglar Security ratingRSCRSCEquivalent to RSC though not Mentioned
Price$4,279$2,999.00- Delux 17
Others $1000 to $9000
$2100 to $6100
RemarkAll other Liberty safe offer similar security for all its products but varying size and fire ratings.Based on that other safe that can be best value for the price is RV 23 and RV 30 Priced $1,289 and $1,419 resp.It is advisable if you go after browning safes that almost all models have similar door and body construction but varying size,Fire rating and capacity so you can opt for the best in lowest price range that meet your specs.

Only exceptions are
1.)Pinnacle pro series ($7,099.00 to $ 9500)

2.)Platinum plus series ($6,549.00 to$8,699.00)
Differentiating specs for each is only 3/16" (7 Gauge)
body which is not as impressive considering the cost.

For almost all Door is 1 5/16" Duo-Formed(Re enforced steel layes) or lighter and body 11 Gauge or lighter.
Fort knox uses a Special four fold door. First there is a thick steel (3/8 to 1/4 ")base over which is a thick fire board and all that covered bu a 10 gauge steel.

These safes allows you to further invest in them make it custom made from local dealers and add steel into its interiors (along body) and make it resistant to tool cuting or torch cut(using stain less
steel inner plates).

It also has special Gear bolt drive system.
It also comes with the option to add a redundant lock for those who have concern with electronic or mechanical lock(see locking mechanism)
Pry tabsYesYesYes
Relockers/Anti punch lockYes
Two one internal and one external.
One internal
No External-But Specially made steel plate (Omnni barrier system),a part of locking frame over the back of lock.
Two for drill and punch attack(Foil mechnical backup) and One for cut and Torch attack (Cabled remote relocker)(Not available on Maverick series)
Four way dead boltsYesYesYes
External hinges.NoYesYes
Anti punch bolts mechanismRelockersSteel reinforcement plus anti bolt punch locking system(uniforce) that don't transfer hammering force to lock.Relockers.
Drill resistant bolt gaurd plate inside near bolt areas.
Slip clutch handle that but do not break from original bolt moving mechanism.
UL 760 lockYesYesYes
Insulation typeGypsum(Fireboard)Gypsum(Fireboard)Gypsum(Fireboard)
Anti drill plate Near lockNATwo 1/4" hardened steel plates and features four 1/4" Yes Hardened steel pinsYes only in pro series home safes.In all other a Omnibarrier Frame of steel over the lock ,a par of lock protecting systemYes
Door sealYesYesYes
Continous weldYes (robotic)YesYes
NameSuperior safes
(Supreme and untouchable series)
Sturdy safe
Door typeSolid steelSolid steel
Door steel thicknessUntouchable-5/8 " max Supreme- 1/2"5/16" Door to 3/8
Body thickness
(Inc order)
3/16" to 4g (0.22")
with stainless steel or extra steel reinforcement.
Fire rating110 [email protected]°F
Not UL tsted
Not specified.
Burglar Security ratingUntouchable-RSC plus Class B construction requirements.
Supreme-NA but easily exceeds RSC requirement.
Not tested but exceeds all minimum standards for ratings.
PriceUntouchable-$4000 to $6400
Supreme-$3300 to $5400
$787 to $1580
All size offer equivalent
RemarkThe two series of superior gun safe may not be readily available at all online retailers but easily exceeds the security requirement needed at reasonable price and Fire ratingSturdy safe like to keep cost low so it do not actually got the safe tested by the testing agencies but from their demostration videos there safe easily exceeds the burglary attacks of all kinds.
Only downside is a they dont have any fire ratings which is optional ie by default not included in the safe but they claim
to have tested the fire resistance in real house burn down simulation taking into account the point of no return and cool down time which if added contributes to damage inside the safe.Other independent Oven test done by other companies do not take into account.So sturdy safe claims that such ratings are useless and offers no real comparison.
Pry tabsYesNo But a solid support work for bolts that seems much better.
Relockers,Antipunch locksYes Glass relockers with remote relocks(A type of relocker which is located a random place away from lockYes-
2 Independent Re-Locks
Smart patent pressure activated.
The other On the lock as normal.
Four way dead boltYesYes
External hingesYesYes
Anti punch bolts mechanismDouble steel door casement on body.Yes(extremely Resistant).
Shear pins clutchesNANo
Ul 760 lockYesYes
Insulation typeFiberboardCeramic wool and fiberglass
Wool -2.5"
1" on walls and door.
2" on bootom and top
Anti drill plate near lockYes Diamond-Embedded Armor PlateYes
Door sealYesYes
Continous weldYesYes

Maximum protection for the price models

In today’s economy everybody’s wallet is stretched. We do our best to save and budget for things we need and hope there’s enough left over for our hobbies and things we really enjoy doing.

So let’s say you’ve sat down and evaluated how big your future safe needs to be. Then you took a hard look at your budget, and decided on a certain price point for your future safe. You want to know what the best possible gun safe you can buy is for the money you’ve saved – what’s the best way to go about that?

Well, the first thing to consider is a used gun safe. No matter your price point, a quality used gun safe that’s in good condition is always going to be cheaper than a brand new safe. Folks have had good luck finding used safes locally on Craigslist and on eBay. Craigslist is going to be the cheapest option because you won’t have to pay to ship it across the country – however, it is more of a hassle because you have to arrange for a moving crew (be it your own family and friends or a professional crew) to get it to your house.

All the gun safes listed below are available to buy online, and they are shipped to your door, so all costs listed include shipping.

Here we are talking about safes that are only useful to frustrate a undesired person or thief for few minutes which is to say that if you want something imported(Mostly china) with not much in security but just keeping your rifles locked from children etc.You can look into this list of in various price ranges.These are for multiple gun storage.

Under $2000

Best safe in this price range is from champion or superior safes,both by same company.Below are its top models.

Other brands you can get in this price range are

Iron side
Model T
Body steel11 gauge12 gauge12 gauge12 gauge
7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge
10 gauge
7/16″ Reinforced Door Edge
12-Gauge Outer 14-Gauge Inner
7/16″ Reinforced
11-Gauge Outer 14-Gauge Inner
1/2″ Reinforced Door Edge
Fire rating1500°F 75-M1350°F 60-M1350°F 60-M1400° 60-M
Price$1,899.00 – $4,349.00$1,399.00 – $2,849.00$1,199.00 – $1,249.00$1,399.00 – $2,849.00

Snap Safe Titan Modular Fireproof Gun Safe Digital Lock:


Snap safe has a unique line of gun safes called the Titan series gun safes and they are modular design safes.It can be assembled or dissembled at your will.Important impressive features of this safe are.

Modular design makes it easy to transport.

9 gauge steel on body and 7 gauge (3/16″) on Solid steel door,which is far better than the other Companies with economic type models.

2300°F 1 hr fire protection (Independent rating) and fire seal.

UL listed mechanical or Digital lock option.

Life time warranty.

Varying Size 59″ Height ,22 to 46 ” wide and and 17 ” to 30 ” depth.

They come in from $1150 to $2500.Smallest has 12 long gun capacity.

Why this safe is a good value:

The most obvious reason this safe is a good value is because it’s modular. While this isn’t reflected in the initial upfront cost to buy the safe, it’s actually a long term savings. Moving a large, heavy gun safe is no small matter, and moving companies can charge a hefty sum to move your safe from one place to another. The ability to tear this safe down yourself and move it piece by piece can save you quite a bit of money if you ever decide to move. It’s also ideal for anyone in an apartment setting not only because it is more readily transported than a traditional gun safe when it’s time to move but also because it can be installed in a closet with a bit of space.Second, it features thicker steel walls than most other gun safes on the market. It’s rated as a residential security container by the Underwriters Laboratory.

Also, the fire rating for the Snap Safe Super Titan is far above that of other safes at this price point.


This safe is a steal and usually runs at $1,500 to $1,700 with shipping. Keep in mind that if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, you may also need to include the cost of hiring a handyman to put it together for you.

Click here for more information price rating for available models of titan modular on amazon

Winchester Silverado series  Electronic:


RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-10 gauge

Winchester was the first company to get a RSC rating for its safe’s brand .

While these safes are not not as strong as the above there are few key specs that you can take into account.

Four way bolt work,External Three spoke handle.UL Listed type 2 lock and also an auxiliary reloker .Drill resistant hard plate with titanium small nose just below the lock.Door jamb has reinforce steel and door has anti pry tabs and heat expandable Palusol seal with 2 [email protected]°F rating( For only relative comparison See Protection from fires.).It also a Life time warranty on defects in material and damage from burglary and fire and two years warranty on Lock.

Click here for more detail ,price reviews and ratings

Steel water Heavy duty(HD) series

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Solid steel 1/4 “

Steel thickness-9 gauge

These series safe are good because for their price.You will get far better steel quality and thickness and construction features.The 39 gun capacity which we believe is optimum size for most gun owners can be bought for around $1900 dollars and offer much more security than other companies in this range.Key Specs of this safes are 1/4″ solid steel Door construction and 9 gauge body.Though it boast a [email protected] 1875°F fire rating it is still relative.There are 4 1/2″ diameter anchor holes at bottom.Four holes are better features than two hole construction if you want to bolt it more securely on floor.Other features include UL listed lock and Expandable door seal.The LD and economy series safe have 12 gauge steel and composite type door so we do not recommend them.Warranty on them is One year on manufacturing defects and 90 days on electronic components,while life time on burglary and fire.

Click here for more detail ,price reviews and ratings

Liberty revere and 1776 safe


RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-11 gauge

Liberty is a company that advertise its safe quite more heavily than it is made.Although the safe quality are not not bad they cannot be compared to a true safe except the presidential series safes.While there are many models of safe that they manufacture,they mainly differ in in the fire ratings and size and not much is the burglary rating or secondary features like fire sealing and lock and relocking mechanism.Based on that,we think the Liberty revere and1776 series fits the best option for the price of $1289.It is a UL listed safe with Body steel thickness 11 Gauge and a composite door weight around 550 lbs,Fire rating of 40min @1200°F,Door seal and 2 relockers (internal and external) with EZ glide bolt protector system.

Other model of liberty are as below.Note the difference in price with Fortknox’s starting model maverick.

Body11 gauge11 gauge11 gauge
11 gauge
11 gauge
Door edge thickness 3/8″.Special four fold door. First there is a thick steel (1/4 “)base over which is a thick fire board and all that covered by a 10 gauge steel.
Burglar ratingUL-RSCUL-RSCUL-RSC
Fire rating1220 °F 60-M1200 °F 75-M1200 °F 75-M
Price$1,649 -$2,349$1799-$2799Starting at $1449

Mesa safe

The Mesa Safe Company MGH##E-HG series and typically MGH39E-HG  is our choice for a safe under $2000.

RSC tested -YES

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-11 gauge

Why this safe is a good value:

The following features set the MGH393E-HG apart from other options at this price:

  • Weight – It weight in at over 600 pounds, which means that it would not be easy to tip over and pry open if it is bolted down properly.
  • Fire Rating – It has a fire rating of 1 hour up to 1,750 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can typically find this safe running between $1,700 and $2,500.

Click here for more detail ,price,reviews and ratings

Under $1000


One good safe for your gun is the Second Amendment safe by Blue Dot Safes.

RSC rated-NO

Door Type-Composite

Steel thickness-12 gauge

This safe is of acceptable quality for the price.It is rated fire resistant to 1700 degrees .A 5/16″ thick  drill-resistant Plate behind lock for free demo account for binary options drill attacks and one year free warranty.This safe also has a large amount of space and is large enough to hold 30 rifles, 8 holsters, and 5 ammo pouches. The interior is 55.18×32.25×20 inches and there are four shelves inside for storing firearms and ammunition. Also, the lock system uses 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts and a two way locking system..It weighs around 650 pounds.


  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Good Customer Service


  • Does not come with a backup key
  • Elecronic lock-but they offer installation of a mechanical lock if it’s requested when the safe is purchased

Click here for more detail ,price,reviews and ratings


American security

RSC rated-NO

Door Type-Solid steel 3/16″

Body thickness-14 gauge

Another safe that also offers free shipping is the Amsec TF5517 Gun Safe 30 Miutes Fire. This safe has a 3/16″ solid steel plate door 3 wheel combination lock, 14 gauge body, and a sizable interior capacity of 16x17x55.2 inches and a life time warranty against theft and fire.A four way bot mechanism and cdoj burglar rating.. This safe has a fire rating for  upto 1200 degrees for  30 minutes from mercury and claim to maintain an internal temperature around 350°F. It weighs 286 pounds, which is relatively lightweight for a large safe such as this. Many reviewers seemed to think well of this safe, that it was of high quality, etc. However, there were a few negative reviews, some of whom said that it arrived damaged and also that it is not American made.

e a removable shelf and a 2 tray organizer and lights inside the safe. It’s interior is carpeted and it uses an electronic  or combination locks with a drill resistant plate behind the lock.Reviewers say that the set are good safes of decent quality. However, some complain that the design is not as it is shown and one reviewer complained of a chemical smell inside. Also, they are not fire rated, so if there is a fire the contents will not be protected.

If you are interested in this safe, you can find it for 800 dollars with free shipping.

For more information price rating and reviews click here

Under $500

Buying a gun safe in near or under dollar 500 range can keep gun locked but will not do much in case of a break in or fire.Our verdict-dont buy a safe that cheap.For the gun owner with only a few rifles or shotguns and no plans to buy any more in the near future there are gun safes that accommodate three to four long guns.These slim safes are a much cheaper alternative to buying a larger safe for your hunting rifle and shotgun.

One such is the BARSKA Biometric Rifle Safe.Other good safe for the same purpose is Sentry Safe HDC11E Home Defense Center.Read full review here

Other accessories

If you like you can also consider the other items you may decide to store in your safe.We have made a list of items like dehumidifiers for protection from moisture and gun safe lights that may come useful in need.

Selection guide

Most of the larger safe in the market are directed towards the buyers who don’t want to spend much,Its alright except that you must not expect much from these kind of safes.For large safe that are available from $500 to $1500,most of them are not made in USA and are just big boxes for preventing unauthorized access and sometimes other features like easy access or for its decorative value.So before buying look at following features to at least know what you are paying for.We recommend you watch this video by weaponseducation.

Burglar protection

Undeniably the most important part when choosing a gun safe is the security that it provides.Security is measured in terms of tool attack for long guns or snatch and run situation for handguns(we will discuss them later in the article below).

But for the bigger safes it is important because you are condensing a large amount of your owning or value in a small space and that space has to be protected properly.

Before going into all the factors that contribute to the security of a safe you must know that the relative industry standards for measure of security of gun safes.There are mainly two standards

Performance ratings by Underwriters laboratory Test for Residential containers- minimum rating of UL 1037 is desirable

Construction Rating made by Insurance Services Office. At least class C container.

And/or California Department of Justice (DOJ) has a set of Regulatory Gun Safe Standards

While we will not go much in its details But we will explain the bare minimum things to look in a safe to tell if it will pass above standards even if it is not tested,though most are.

1.) Safe DOOR and BODY steel thickness

There are two areas of steel of varying thickness on a safe.

Steel on Door- is important because it will be the first way the burglar will get into a safe using a pry bar or two.Steel on is generally three times than on the body of a safe.Also don’t get carried away by the thickness of the door.Door are mainly made of two types-composite and solid steel.The composite door have much less steel than a solid steel and are much easier to pry open because it have much less steel and can bend easily.A composite door has thin steel folded over and filled with insulation inside to make it appear thick but actually is weaker than a thin looking solid steel built doors.

Steel on Body. Generally the body is much thinner than the door.Plus since most gun safes unlike true safes do not come with concrete fire liner and instead gypsum(fiberboard) they also don’t offer steel fire liner on the inside.Instead the inner side that hold the fiberboard is fiberglass or other non steel fire lining.The fiber board itself is no comparison to concrete amalgam mixture of true safes in terms of strength.Therefore gun safes are much easy to cut open.But it is relatively less in occurrence and there is a common assumption that while there is a vulnerability it takes much more effort to Axe or cut a safe.Plus it will take more time and make more noise.But yet its important.

If you don’t want to allow that-

1.)Look for safe that has thicker steel in its body too.

2.)Alternatively you can also add additional steel and have it custom made from your gun safe dealers.Fortknox and Sturdy safes allows you the option of adding inner layer of steel inside the already built safe.There may be other safe company too.Ask a dealer for that option before buying a safe.

3.)To prevent it against Torch cutting add an addition layer of stainless steel inside.Stainless steel Dissipate the heat in it body and prevent from temperature of a spot to reach melting temperature relatively.

A word on Steel gauges


Now when researching safes it’s critical to understand that the when reading the gauge of steel the numbers go in reverse order. For example 10 gauge steel is heavier and stronger than 12 gauge steel. 10 gauge steel is the thinnest steel we suggest using. 10 gauge steel is relatively tough for the body, and without some serious tools, it is difficult to get get inside. 12 gauge steel is much cheaper. And for the budget conscious, and I can see where this would be a major factor. 12 gauge steel will keep most people out, but a determined thief with a hooligan tool or a strong axe could still break into your safe.

Weight-One commonly overlooked factor by new safe owners is portability. A safe that is easy to install is easy to steal! A steel safe weighing over 1000 pounds is pretty tough to move. Some safes have holes at the bottom, which allow owners to anchor the safe down into your floor.

Secure against Drilling-Some safes offer drill resistant plate near lock and hard steel(drill resistant steel alloys) reinforcement inside door frame near dead bolts.Though not available on all safes it is still a up when you count on security.

Anti punch bolts-Another way to attack a safe is by first drilling a hole near a dead bolt and then hammering it via an inserted steel rod.Doing so may break the deadbolt on lock and cause the door deadbolts to move inside thus opening the safe without cutting or breaking it.For this reason a good safe will either be hard to drill or have an additional relocker or other anti punch bolts mechanism that take all the attack and do not transfer it to the lock.Rhino safe and Browning claim to to do.


Linkage inside the door bolt work are generally made of Shear pins , clutches or weak linkage.All of which can be broken with little force applied to the shaft handle or pry bar attack or bolt punch attack.

A shear force on bolt in a pry bar attack a punch attack or using the door handle shaft with little force can damage the linkage between bolt and internal hinges.It can be prevented from breaking using a longer support system as in sturdy safes or pry bars as in most other safes.

But not many safes company offer much protection in terms of breaking of linkage system on handle.A broken Shear pins and linkage may render a safe permanently locked which might keep burglar out but it also make the safe useless for you.You will have to call a locksmith in that case.Sturdy safe company excel in this design to offer both strong welded linkage and strong deadbolt support system.We could not find much info for other companies listed here so ask your dealer about it before buying.Some company has a feature called slip clutch in which the door clutch get disconnected when a threshold force is applied and can get reconnected again for moving the bolts later.

Anti punch Lock /Relockers

They are anti theft device which prevent the breaking of locking mechanism on bolt work.The lock itself can be broken and punch through a pin to detach itself from the door body thus freeing the bolt work.Thus relockers are absolutely necessary in a safe the moment after you make sure that the door is tool bar pry resistant.Most safe that uses UL listed type 2 lock have built in relockers for locking its deadbolt.Other companies add an other external glass or remote relockers in its safes.

Locking Mechanism

Long gun safe mainly has combination locks.


Combination locks uses either pin pad or mechanical combination to form security codes.Dial locks have been in use for over a hundred and fifty years.They are proven technology that is difficult to, if not impossible to crack. Pin pad combinations are electronic and susceptible to the batteries dying, but are much quicker and easier to open under duress than a spin wheel. Spin wheels are incredibly reliable, and never prone to failure, but are harder to open, especially in the dark or under stress.It also takes more time to open in general.An electronic locks opens in about 10 sec while a mechanical opens in about 40 sec.

Combination lock ratings

Most long gun safe uses electronics locks(90%) or mechanical lock(10%).A good safe company uses at least UL 768 lock.Though it might seem unimportant but there is a huge difference between UL rated locks and the cheap alternative in terms of reliability and pry resistance.A UL listed type 2 rated locks always have a default internal relocker.

Biometric Locks are not common on the long gun safe mainly because if they use a even a medium quality biometric lock on a these safes it will further increase their cost.Plus these locks are still in beta and technologically improving and there aren’t any popular standards yet.

Protection From Fires

Gun safes are not exactly like true fire safes.There are three main difference

1.)A true fire safes will have a fire rating on it.Usually the most popular is UL 72 rating.While most gun safes will not.

2.)A gun safe do not use the same material as used by true safes.They generally use Gypsum firewall(fibreboard) which is very cheap.True safe uses concrete amalgam.

3.)Fiber board or gypsum loses its structural integrity after it looses it water content on heating and since Gun safe do not have inner steel plate that can hold the crumbled Gypsum a threshold long exposure to fire or any impact defeat their use as fire safe because there is no resistance between outside heat and safe interior.

Which means that its fire rating are pretty much useless.It can only give you a relative idea of how much a given gun safe is more tolerant to fire than other. Fire rating works two ways.Degrees and amount of time the safe can withstand that temperature. For example a safe that resist 1300 degrees for an hour means your items are guaranteed protection for an hour against 1300 degrees. Fire ratings also go best binary options brokers with low minimum deposit hand and hand with the price of your safe.If you buy a safe with a fire rating that is below what you trust, consider buying a smaller box to fit in the safe with any irreplaceable items inside of it. In case of a fire you may be able to grab this box as you evacuate.

Door Seal-

While this is a must for for all safe rated as fire proof some safes companies are silent about it.Do enquire about it before purchasing.This seal is something that expands in case of fire making the outside hot smoke to not come inside which otherwise will definitely burn anything inside.

Warranty Lastly, consider checking the warranty that the manufacturer is providing you, because you can never be so sure as to how long the item will last. A decent warranty length would have to be at least a year, as there may be some basic malfunctions that can alter its superior system. Some gun safe manufacturers do provide you with the option to buy longer warranty, so if you’re given a lifetime warranty option, don’t hesitate on getting it.

Best handgun safes

Handguns safe are are alternative ways to lock your weapons but they are not real security device.Their main purpose is to prevent children accessing your guns or smash and rob situation.

Security for handguns safes

Its should be obvious Hand gun safes are not secure,no matter how they are advertised.For handgun safes security can refers to following

Can it be accidentally opened by dropping(since it is easy to carry) or other inadvertent methods.

Although there are so many safes that seem to be strong and sturdy and are highly priced some fall behind basically for their locking mechanism and design.One such safe is 9G imprint safe,now acquired by liberty safe. Their safe is so unreliable that if you drop it sideways two times the door just pops right open,because of its spring latch design.Similarly biometric safes like Barska have scanner that needs to be wiped after an impression otherwise it can false open with any fingerprint.We have tried to avoid listing safes with such faulty design.So we do not recommend barska biometric or 9g safe although they are popular models.Also all electronic keypad type small safe that have front bolt type door only look strong but have major flaw that they all can be open by bumping it two three times as the solenoid in it is spring loaded which just unlock the bolt when it is receive a minor jerk. If you want more info you ca listen to the Defcon 19 talk and the Tobias analysis of popular small gun safes.

Can the lock be pried open like with paper clips or small screw driver etc without any trail marks.

Locks in these small safes are of very poor quality.They have either a pin and tumbler key lock or tubular key locks.They are so old and are very easy to pick.All these locks can be easily picked with a pin or clip or a tubular lock pick by looking at Youtube for few minutes.Even the biometric safes are only base level design.Also since all lock basically have a hinge or level or bolt that hold up hook in the door from opening.If any one can alter that reaching with a peper clips or screw driver you basically have an open safe.Another way around is by reaching to the reset button inside the safe through holes,which just reset all the data in electronic and biometric safe so you can reprogram it with new data.So if you can look for wide gap in the linings or any holes in the safe it is a avoid that safe.An example of such cheap quality design is of all Stackon handgun safes.They have a rubber electronic or biometric cover pad which can be removed with bare hands leaving wide hole to pick open the locking mechanism inside.

Only mechanical locks with simplex lock (combination made by Fortknox,Titan,Vline etc are the one whose locks you can rely on against picking attack.

Can it be properly secured at a place so that it cannot be grabbed away.

This options is provided by most of the safes.They either have rope to tether it to a place or holes for bolting in the floor desk etc.Rope option can be less secured but allow you carry it more easily.

What is the best child protection safe ?

Best safe models for child protection are mechanical safes with simplex locks.Below are the four best models.They are sturdy in design not prone to prying with clips or small tools and protected against opening by dropping or bumping or false reading.Also do not have key override so you don’t need to worry about the lost key or them getting into someone else hand and they do not require batteries so you can leave them forever without any maintenance.Only downside is if you forget the combination you have to go to the lock smith.

Shot Lock 1911 Full Handgun Solo-Vault Safe


This is your go to safe if you are looking for something small, compact and light weight. Weighing in at only 7.5 pounds, this safe can be used vertically or horizontally. This safe does not however have any struts to keep the safe open so you must open the lid completely in order to keep it open. If you are looking for something with quick access to open this would not be a good fit because it comes equipped with a 5 button in line lock for all your combination needs.

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Fort Knox FTK-PB Pistol Box Handgun Safe


With 10 gauge steel all around and 6-7 gauge steel on top this safe is living up to its Fort Knox name. This safe is 22 pounds of security equipped with a simplex mechanical lock for those who do not want to fuss with keys or fingerprints and even has a gas strut to help with opening the door. Although this gas strut mechanism aids in opening the door it can also hinder your ability to do so in a quickly and timely manner. The only other downside that you may encounter with this safe would be the instructions that come with this particular model does not seem to always coincide with each other.Read full review

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Titan gun safe


The Titan Gun Safe is loaded with many features that allow you to feel safe. This gun safe can be mounted in several different places to include your car, boat, or even RV. The safe allows you to draw your pistol almost instantly upon opening the safe as the door feature allows the gun to move outwards as you are opening the door. Weighing in at only 10 pounds, this safe features an all mechanical lock system without the use of batteries. The con in this particular model would have to be the price. This safe has a hefty price tag of $388.00 from the website but yet some may say you cant put a price on safety.

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V-Line Top Draw Security Case


This 9 pound beauty has a much more pocket friendly price tag attached with its sleek design for added piece of mind for your safety needs. It does not need batteries and has a simplex lock system in place for to use. Although it is advertised as a Simplex locking system it is made in China and is therefore a look alike. The V-Line safe has a pry resistant shell with its clamshell design made of steel. The interior has nice foam padding and this safe is also used without batteries for the added piece of mind about not having to worry about dead batteries.Read full review

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What is the best safe for self defence

If home protection is what that concern you look for safe that can be brought in the bedroom and with quick access and may be with biometrics.

What is the best small safe in various price ranges ?

Under $500

The following safes are small ones that will safely and properly store handguns – in addition to any small valuables and important documents that should be stored in them as well.

If that’s enough storage for you, check out the Gunbox Biometric version – it’s the latest in quick action technology, has great ratings, and a long list of high quality features.Gun safes under $500 tend to fall into two categories: quick release safes that are made to easily open in an emergency, and more traditional, larger gun safes that have more capacity. If you’re looking for good value, we prefer the larger gun safes simply because you can store more guns in them. The features of the small quick release safes are what make them expensive – typically you can only store one or two handguns in them.

That being said, our top safe under $500 is the First Alert 2096DF safe. It offers a huge amount of storage for the price, an electronic keypad, and some of the strongest fire and water proof ratings compared to other safes at this price point. It’s received great ratings from those who actually own it and offers a reliable place to store not just guns, but also your other valuables.

First Alert 2096DF

Why this safe is a good value:

Bottom line – the space. It has over 2 cubic feet of storage, which is spacious compared to other safes at this price. It’s also fireproof for an hour up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit, which is fantastic protection, because it will keep the inside safe at a maximum of 350 degrees. It’s also waterproof – an often overlooked and under appreciated feature. Water proofing really ought to come standard for any safe that’s fireproof because in the event of a fire, a massive amount of water will be poured into the house by firefighting efforts.


If this is the type of small safe you’ve been looking for, don’t hesitate – the 2096D is the bargain for you. One thing to keep in mind – one of the features of the safe is that it has an option for a handle and wheels to move it around easily. Keep in mind that a thief is looking to do exactly that – move your safe out of your house to his own place, where he can take his time working it open. If you choose to buy the handle and wheels option, you should come up with a plan for securing it so that it can’t just walk off. You may consider hiring a handyman to help you frame it in and bolt it down.

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Under $300

One of the more common quick action safes at the $300 price point is the Gunvault GV2000S Multi Vault. It is a nice looking option, with a handprint on the top that helps guide you if you would need to open it in the dark. However, there are so many reports of being unhappy with this safe that we just can’t recommend it. First, there appears to be a problem with the electronic lock not being reliable over the years. Second, it can be defeated by “bouncing” it open – which is basically slamming it against the floor until the lock opens – so it offers poor protection against a saavy thief. Third, the door has a gap that would allow a pry bar through. Fourth, the safe is set by default to beep when you open it – hardly the type of thing you want when someone may have broken into your house.

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Paragon 7775

Overall, though, our best value for a gun safe below $300 is the Paragon 7775. What you get with this safe is a large amount of storage, a modern electronic lock, and a heavy 11 gauge safe and can’t be picked by bump like other small electronic locks as pre-drilled holes and boltslets it anchor at some place.

The safe includes internal hinges– which tend to reduce the amount of available space and it can be easily concealed in a closet.

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Under $100

For less than $100, safe that you can buy is going to be smaller and constructed of cheaper materials. To be honest, a safe at this price can only keeps small kids out. It won’t be fire or waterproof and will have thin metal walls that could be hacked through easily with an axe or hammer.


Consider following options but remember they are not reliable against forced entry or picking.
Gunvault MV500-STD Microvault Pistol Gun Safe

Made in the USA by GunVault is the MV500-STD. The thing that makes this small gun safe stand out is its unique access system. Unlike it’s biometric counterpart (MVB-500), this MV500 keeps things simple with its really easy to use digital keypad. It’s trademarked No-Eyes system is designed so that users don’t have to be actually looking at their safe when trying to access it.

Note-Can be picked with tubular lock pick

Its also ok with size, which stands at 2¼” x 8½” x 11″, and weighing 4 pounds. The tamper indicator located on the front, tells you if someone tried (and failed) to access your firearm. This comes standard in most of GunVault’s larger safes. It can easily fit 1911 .45 ACP, with a bunch of room to spare.With some modification like replacing the tubular lock with pin and tumbler lock by Abloy lock(see this video by defcon 19)you can make it a something better than the others.

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GunVault NV200 NanoVault

GunVault NV200 is in this list for its affordability.It is made of 18-gauge steel. which is good as far as portable boxes go. It has a simple key lock system and all metal unlike combination counterpart nanovault 300 or its stack on equivalent Stack-On PC-95C.

Note-Can be picked with paper clips,bump keys etc like all low quality pin tumbler locks.

Coming in at 3 pounds, and measuring 1½” x 6¼” x 9¼”, it cab easily hold 1911. Its simple light and and slim, which makes it perfect for those on the move. You can use it for your car, or with your luggage.However the cable though tested for 1500 lb tested can be cut with pliers.

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Online reviews are mixed for gun safe at this price. On the one hand, for people who were buying a safe with realistic expectations about how secure it is, were happy.

On the other hand, less positive reviews came from folks who didn’t understand what they were getting, and were expecting a high security safe to keep any thief out of their valuables. Keeping expectations straight at this price point is important!

If you choose to go with this option, our recommendation is to find a place out of the way and hidden and bolt it down well. You can more than make up for the cheaper construction of a safe at this price with a really good hiding spot! Also – consider buying a small fireproof safe for important documents to accompany it, as it offers no fire protection.