Lights for gun safe

Lights for gun safe

Eliminate the dark-Lights for gun safe

Gun safe lighting is usually the first addition gun safe owners buy for their safes. Gun safe lighting is important because of how deep and dark those large gun safes can be.  If you are an organized person or are just tired of carrying over your desk lamp whenever you need to access your safe, you should definitely look into buying some lights for your gun safe. They are bright, small, and very affordable.

There are a few gun safe lighting options today that buyers should look into before making a purchase. Gun safe lights come in light kits, cordless, and LED options. We hope to help you find some lights that will fit perfectly in your personal gun safe.


Stack-On SPAL-300 Motion Sensitive LED Gun Safe Lighting


We love these Stack-On SPAL-300 LED Lights because they just offer so many features that other lights do not. First of all, as the names states, these things are motion sensitive, which means they will turn on the instant you open your safe. It contains 3 lights (each with 4 LEDS), that are all able to pivot in whatever direction you want, and have 2 brightness settings.

You can mount this bad boy in two ways, via mounting plate or hook and eye tape which is included. As with all safes, we encourage everyone to stay away from using the tape though, as they tend to fall off after a few weeks, even days. Finally, no wires here, the SPAL-300 is totally battery operated.

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Lockdown Cordless 6 LED Vault Light


Contending with the Stack-On LED Light above is this Cordless LED Vault Light by Lockdown. It comes in at a close second compared to its contender for a few reasons.  First off, it does not have motion sensor capabilities, which to us, is one of the coolest things a vault light can do. Also, another issue we had was that the battery life on these lights seemed to be less than the SPAL-300′s. We do love how this lighting fixture comes with magnets, which we believe all gun safe lighting should have, but it wasn’t enough for us to call it the best on our list.

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Battery Operated LED Lights


For those of us who want other, more flexible gun safe lighting options, you should look into other battery-operated LED lights. With the rising popularity of LED lights, it isn’t hard to find one to suit your budget and style. In fact, there are so many, we can’t possibly review them all. We suggest you do your own homework and read a few reviews to find the ones that will fit your safe the best.

Stack-On Electrical Cord Accessory Kit


If you’re the creative type, you may want to look into buying the Stack-On Electrical Cord Accessory Kit. By far the most flexible option when it comes to lighting and additions to your gun safe. Basically, what this kit does is provide 2 standard electrical outlets inside your safe without compromising your fire or waterproof ratings. This means you will be able to power up your gun safe lighting, dehumidifier, or any other accessory you decide to put inside your safe.

For those who want to be even more creative, why not try installing colored LED strip lights instead? The possibilities are endless thanks to Stack-On’s Electrical Cord Kit.

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