Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe review

Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe review

Winchester is a long standing company that first went into production in 1866. They have manufactured a multitude of products that range from firearms to safes to house them in. This includes monitoring each safe consistently through the manufacturing process to make sure quality guidelines are met.

n addition, Winchester offers its customers a free replacement guarantee if your safe is damaged in a fire or burglary attack. This free replacement guide includes locksmith service and free curbside delivery of the new safe should it ever be needed.

This safe is able to withstand fire up to a heat of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour. In addition the safe is also insulated with three layers of ½” fireboard in side the door and two layers of 5/8” fireboard to offer your more fragile valuables more protection. The gaps in the door are protected by a Palusol heat expandable door seal.

Though the Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe Safe runs a bit pricey the convenience of storage space and security make the purchase more than worthwhile. It includes the following features:

  • A door panel organizer. This has many pockets that allow you to store gun ammo, jewelry, knives or important documents. This feature allows you to take full advantage of the storage capacity of the safe – best to be efficient with what you get, because it’s pricey to end up buying two!
  • The door is composite door constructed and UL certified for burglary. This makes the safe ideal to protect your valuables from a possible break in and as result is a great choice if you are concerned about burglary. The safe is too large to move quickly and the lock should keep out any unwanted intruders and their sticky fingers.
  • This safe features an electronic lock that takes away from the stress of trying to keep track of a loose key. The downside of electronic locks is that they require batteries to run – be sure to always keep a few spares around so you don’t have to hassle with going to the store before you can open your safe. You may even consider purchasing some rechargeable batteries.

While this safe is extremely functional and just plain gets the job done, it also is very attractive and will easily fit into any room in home (so long as the floor can support it!). The Silver exterior has a classy look to the front of the safe and it also sports the Winchester Company logo. This safe would not look out of place in a family room or in a large bedroom, or even in a closet.

This safe is ideal to use if you have a large amount of valuables that need to be protected as there are many storage spaces inside the safe itself. The Winchester R31 Ranger Deluxe’s 12 gauge body construction in addition to the composite construction door should give any consumer have peace of mind leaving their valuables behind in its protection.

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