Fort knox gun safes

Fort Knox safes are nothing but gun safes that are used to keep the guns and other riffles in very safe condition and at the same time preventing the loss of the guns. The guns that are kept safe in these Fort Knox gun safes cannot be stolen by the burglars or any other terrorists and thus prevents the persons from the unexpected accidents. It is very essential for the person owning a gun to own a gun safe along with the gun. The guns should be kept safe and secured in the gun safe. There are various brands in the manufacturing of the gun safes, but the leading and the best manufacturer of the gun safes is the Fort Knox gun safes. They are the best gun safes when compared to the other brands of the gun safes because this brand of gun safes provides high value of safety and security to the guns that are kept inside. Moreover, they consist of the protective layer outside the gun safes that makes the gun safes fire resistant. These safes are made up of very strong material so that they cannot be broken into. They are completely constructed of raw steel, so the security power is enhanced. Fort Know safes are available in various colors according to the customers’ needs as well as different sizes based on the type of the fire arm the customer owns.

Fort Knox safes are well known to deliver excellent performance and security. They do not have any issues of being broken. They are available in various prices. The price ranges from the $599 to $3000. The small sized gun safes are used to store smaller fire guns such as pistols. The larger sized gun safes are used to store the larger guns like riffles, snipers, and many more. All gun safes are custom built and thus they are designed according to the customers’ needs and requirements. If the fire arms are being stolen, then the user needs to face the liability of all damages that are caused due to the stolen guns. Thus keeping the guns safe in the safety position is very important and the best solution for this problem is the usage of the Fort Knox gun safes.

The above image shows the defender model of the Fort Knox gun safes. They consist of the granite finishing guards in the outside of the gun safes. This is to protect the gun safes against various issues such as nicks, dings, and scratches. Moreover, they provide great appearance as well. This model of the gun safes are available in four different colors and have the capacity to hold from 4 riffles to 68 riffles. The lock that is present in this gun safe is the Sargent & Greenleaf Group II Manipulation Resistant Lock that provides maximum security support and peace of mind to the customers.

Fort Knox gun safes for sale are available to the customers in various locations in and around the United States. Fort Knox is the leading brand in the manufacture of the gun safes and they provide great security and reliability. They are made up of the very strong material so that they cannot be broken into and these gun safes help the person in keeping away the guns from the burglars and other terrorists. Thus, they protect the persons from the horrific accidents. They are the best gun safes when compared to the other brands of the gun safes. They are completely made up of the raw steel that is much stronger than other metals. For the person owning a fire arm, then it is very essential to own a gun safe along with the fire arm. If fire arms happen to be stolen , then the user needs to face the liability of all damages that are caused due to the stolen guns. There are various brands in the manufacturing of the gun safes, but the best brand that provides maximum safety is the Fort Knox gun safes. They come in variety of the designs and sizes depending of the gun safes according to the size of the guns that are being used. For the long guns, the gun safe should be long enough to about 58” height and 30” width. Moreover, these gun safes are covered by the protective coating that helps in resistance of the fire and electric shocks. With these safes, guns located inside are not subjected to any damage even in fire.

Fort Knox gun safes for sale are available in various places at an affordable price. All the Fort Knox gun safes are custom built and thus can be built according to the wish of the customers. The manufacturer also provides shipping facility to all over the United States. They are available from the price of $599 for the smaller sizes and ranges up to $3000 for the larger guns. One of the famous models of the Fort Knox gun safes is the legend gun safes. The image of this type is given below as follows.

The price value of this model varies with the size of the gun safes. This model consists of the 3/16″ steel body. This also consists of the inner additional of the 10 gauge reinforced stainless steel. The body thickness of this type of gun safe is nearly 1.75”. This model also consists of the patented rack and pinion mechanism. This model helps in protecting more number of riffles from 4 riffles to 68 riffles. They are available in nearly 18 different colors according to the customers’ requirements. This model of the gun safes also has high fire rating and also consists of more safety protection materials other than other models. They also provide more warranty period and also provide patented technology.

Legend 7251

Fort Knox Legend 7251 review

Fort knox proud themselves with the Legend series, which is the only safe series on the market to offer a 3/16″ steel body combined with 10 gauge reinforced steel liner inside the safe itself. Legend fort knox safes are truly the best gun safes you can get on the market, as they come with a maximum of 28 locking bolts. The most popular option seems to be Fort Knox Legend 7251 safe.

Even though Legend 7251 fort knox safe is one of the most expensive gun safes in the world, it’s well worth its price. With a width of 51 inches, this enormous gun safe can accommodate up to sixty eight guns which is more than enough for most people’s needs. With 72.5″ x 51″ x 27″ dimensions , this safe is one of the largest gun safes on the market.

Legend 7251 Pros

The main advantages of Legend 7251 are by far its weight, number of locking bolts and amount of steel invested in it. With an incredible weight of just under a ton (2176 pounds or 987 kilograms), this safe is not going anywhere once you decide where you want to put it – so make sure your floor can support this kind of weight. There aren’t many safes like the Legend 7251 which can proud themselves with such an amazing weight which will surely prevent wrong doers from simply lifting it and taking it away. Like many other gun safes, this one comes with a 7 gauge steel body container along with a 10 gauge steel line, which definitely isn’t a common feature and only few other gun safes offer this option. Moreover, the Legend 7251 safe from Fort Knox series has an astonishing twenty eight 1.5 inches tick locking bolts on every door side, with additional corner bolts on every corner on the safe door. What most people do not realize is the fact that those additional bolts provide great protection against criminals who go for weak spots in gun safe.

Legend 7251 Cons

This safe doesn’t really have any real disadvantages, but if you want to be picky, it could be its biometric lock. Some people are still very suspicious of new technologies and biometric lock instead of the classic one just isn’t good enough for the price they pay. However, Fort Knox is the leader in gun safes and biometric lock on their Legend 7251 safe is of a top notch quality. The only downside is the fact that this safe is not water resistant.


Fort Knox offers several customization options for the Legend series, which include range of fourteen exterior glossy colors as well as four exterior textured finish colors. There is also a choice of three interior colors, which are silver, maroon and beige.

Maverick 6026

Maverick 6026 is the least expensive gun safe from Fort Knox Safes – but don’t let that fact fool you, as it offers room for up to 18 guns and fire rating up to 45 minutes with possibility to enhance it up to 60 minutes. If you’ve read our Fort Knox Models page, you already know that height of this safe is 60 inches with 20 inches width.

As previously mentioned, this safe is capable of enduring 1200 degrees fire for up to 45 or 60 minutes. It also comes with dual activated thermal door seal which is simply used as an additional protection against fire hazard, as it is designed to prevent smoke entrance. There is also a second seal which is capable of detecting hot smoke and automatically activates Palusol seal in order to give maximum protection to your valuable guns.

Maverick 6026 Pros

The best thing about Maverick 6026 is its quality compared to its price. You may as well consider it the best buy, since this safe is made in USA, offers Lifetime Warranty with top-notch quality and great customization options. Its price will vary from one dealer to another, but generally it will be around $1200 – which is certainly a great price for gun safe of this level. As Maverick series is entry-level Fort Knox Safe, it’s perfect for first-time buyers and those who wish to buy a safe weighting at least 500lbs.

Maverick 6026 Cons

Some will not like the fact that Maverick 6026 weights 531 lbs, but it all comes down to personal preference and how heavy your safe really needs to be. Other than its weight, Maverick 6026 is a solid safe with no major disadvantages.


Fort Knox Maverick 6026 comes with S&G Mechanical Lock, but it is upgradable to a S&G Electronic lock and even a Biometric Lock, for additional fees. Fluorescent Lights, Carpeted Pedestal, Mirrored Back Wall, Door Rack and Door Organizer are not standard parts of Maverick 6026, but they are surely available on demand. Fort Knox Safes offer amazing level of customization at their official website, so make sure to check it out before you decide to buy one.

Fort Knox Gun Safe Models

As one of the best (if not the best) gun safes manufacturer, Fort Knox safes offer a large variety of models. In fact, there are seven different series with more than thirty models to choose from. There are numerous reasons for buying a gun safe of exceptional quality and Fort Knox safes proud themselves with amazing fire protection (hour and a half fire rating at 1,680 degrees) combined with fire proof seal. Moreover, 10 gauge steel liner is a part of a standard offer for majority of their models, which is something every gun owner has to appreciate.

Fort Knox Safes model numbers represent their height and width. For example, Defender 6026 has a height of 50 inches while its width is 26 inches. Let’s take a look at different Fort Knox Safes series along with model numbers:

Fort Knox Maverick series:

  • Maverick 6026
  • Maverick 6031
  • Maverick 6637
  • Maverick 7241

Fort Knox Protector series:

  • Protector 6026
  • Protector 6031
  • Protector 6637
  • Protector 7241
  • Protector 7251

Fort Knox Executive series:

  • Executive 6031
  • Executive 6637
  • Executive 7241
  • Executive 7251

Fort Knox Legend series:

  • Legend 6031
  • Legend 6637
  • Legend 7241
  • Legend 7251

Fort Knox Defender series:

  • Defender 6026
  • Defender 6031
  • Defender 6637
  • Defender 7241
  • Defender 7251
  • Defender 7261

Fort Knox Guardian series:

  • Guardian 6031
  • Guardian 6637
  • Guardian 7241
  • Guardian 7251

Fort Knox Titan series:

  • Titan 6031
  • Titan 6637
  • Titan 7241
  • Titan 7251

Fire Resistance in Fort Knox Safes

We are getting a lot of questions about Fort Knox Safes lately, most of which are of interesting and/or controversial nature. Instead of answering all those questions by e-mail, we decided to create articles for them, since others may find it interesting as well.

Fort Knox Guardian Safes

The latest e-mail we received is about fire-proof capabilities of Fort Knox Safes. In this particular case, Fort Knox Guardian Safe  owner is wondering if his safe is fire-proof enough to sustain an extremely hot fire, like the one that happened several days ago in Colorado Springs. His main concern was the fact that there was nothing left of houses caught in fire.

Fort Knox Safe Fire Protection

To answer this question, first we need to know what type of fire protection Fort Knox Safe offers. You will be happy to know that Fort Knox Inferno Shield 90 comes as a standard option in ALL Fort Knox Safes. Not only that this Underwriters’ Laboratories Class Listed “C” rated fireboard insulation ensures a temperature under 350°F inside your safe, but it is installed on all sides of a safe to guarantee a lack of hot spots. Moreover, Fort Knox went an extra mile with a dead air space in their safes (again by default) to give ninety minutes long fire protection at temperature of 1680°F.

For customers looking for longer fire protection, there is an option of adding even more insulation (Inferno Shield 120) that gives a protection which can only be compared to commercial safes. With reinforced fire liner, fire protection is increased to up to two hours at 1680°F. However, adding additional fire protection will inevitably reduce the capacity of a safe, but only by little.

So, what does all this tells you?

Typical home fire temperature does not exceed 1500°F

Well, for starters, let’s assume you keep your safe in a bedroom or other typical in-house room. Depending on the combustibles, flame temperature will vary, but in general it would be in a range of 900°F to 1500°F. In this case, your Fort Knox Safe will be able to survive at least 90 minutes of this type of fire. What’s even more important is the fact that Fort Knox Safes come with a 350 fire resistant label. What this means is that inside temperature of your safe will be lower than 350°F for at least one hour, and if you keep valuable papers or similar material in your safe, it’s good to know that these papers will start to char above temperatures of 400°F.

Back to our original question – in cases of major fire disasters, experts have confirmed that:

  • Safes without any fire protection offered no protection at all and everything was lost
  • Safes without structural reinforcing of insulation kept safe everything stored in the bottom of the safe
  • Safes armed with thick reinforced fire lining survived a fire that burned a house to the ground, leaving valuables intact

Even though Fort Knox uses sheetrock insulators in their safes, which are considered inferior to ceramic wool blankets, Fort Knox again goes an extra mile in their assembly stage that gives an incredible fire protection. You see, in some cases sheet-rock is not as effective as some people think, because gypsum board (sheetrock) sometimes breaks apart and falls to the bottom of a gun safe, leaving the top of the safe vulnerable to hot spots. However, Fort Knox prevents this by additional step in their assembly stage with zig-zag stiches on the sheetrock, essentially creating a matrix-like insulation which keeps material in line.

Final Verdict

Despite the fact that there are so many variables in situations where a house is on fire, it seems that Fort Knox Safes are highly fire-proof and should sustain a total burnout of a house, especially if you decide to install Inferno Shield 120. But if the fire lasts more than 2 hours, chances of having your valuables safe start to decrease. Nonetheless, it is a fact that Fort Knox Safes offer one of the best fire protections available on the market.

Additional tips for increased fire protection

  • Install sprinkle system in a room where the safe is
  • Place your most valuable items in the bottom shelf of your Fort Knox Safe
  • Do not put your safe under a large wooden object (like stairs)
  • It’s generally a good idea to have another small fire-proof safe inside your big safe if you are worried about important documents