Legend 7251

Fort Knox Legend 7251 review

Fort knox proud themselves with the Legend series, which is the only safe series on the market to offer a 3/16″ steel body combined with 10 gauge reinforced steel liner inside the safe itself. Legend fort knox safes are truly the best gun safes you can get on the market, as they come with a maximum of 28 locking bolts. The most popular option seems to be Fort Knox Legend 7251 safe.

Even though Legend 7251 fort knox safe is one of the most expensive gun safes in the world, it’s well worth its price. With a width of 51 inches, this enormous gun safe can accommodate up to sixty eight guns which is more than enough for most people’s needs. With 72.5″ x 51″ x 27″ dimensions , this safe is one of the largest gun safes on the market.

Legend 7251 Pros

The main advantages of Legend 7251 are by far its weight, number of locking bolts and amount of steel invested in it. With an incredible weight of just under a ton (2176 pounds or 987 kilograms), this safe is not going anywhere once you decide where you want to put it – so make sure your floor can support this kind of weight. There aren’t many safes like the Legend 7251 which can proud themselves with such an amazing weight which will surely prevent wrong doers from simply lifting it and taking it away. Like many other gun safes, this one comes with a 7 gauge steel body container along with a 10 gauge steel line, which definitely isn’t a common feature and only few other gun safes offer this option. Moreover, the Legend 7251 safe from Fort Knox series has an astonishing twenty eight 1.5 inches tick locking bolts on every door side, with additional corner bolts on every corner on the safe door. What most people do not realize is the fact that those additional bolts provide great protection against criminals who go for weak spots in gun safe.

Legend 7251 Cons

This safe doesn’t really have any real disadvantages, but if you want to be picky, it could be its biometric lock. Some people are still very suspicious of new technologies and biometric lock instead of the classic one just isn’t good enough for the price they pay. However, Fort Knox is the leader in gun safes and biometric lock on their Legend 7251 safe is of a top notch quality. The only downside is the fact that this safe is not water resistant.


Fort Knox offers several customization options for the Legend series, which include range of fourteen exterior glossy colors as well as four exterior textured finish colors. There is also a choice of three interior colors, which are silver, maroon and beige.

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