Maverick 6026

Maverick 6026 is the least expensive gun safe from Fort Knox Safes – but don’t let that fact fool you, as it offers room for up to 18 guns and fire rating up to 45 minutes with possibility to enhance it up to 60 minutes. If you’ve read our Fort Knox Models page, you already know that height of this safe is 60 inches with 20 inches width.

As previously mentioned, this safe is capable of enduring 1200 degrees fire for up to 45 or 60 minutes. It also comes with dual activated thermal door seal which is simply used as an additional protection against fire hazard, as it is designed to prevent smoke entrance. There is also a second seal which is capable of detecting hot smoke and automatically activates Palusol seal in order to give maximum protection to your valuable guns.

Maverick 6026 Pros

The best thing about Maverick 6026 is its quality compared to its price. You may as well consider it the best buy, since this safe is made in USA, offers Lifetime Warranty with top-notch quality and great customization options. Its price will vary from one dealer to another, but generally it will be around $1200 – which is certainly a great price for gun safe of this level. As Maverick series is entry-level Fort Knox Safe, it’s perfect for first-time buyers and those who wish to buy a safe weighting at least 500lbs.

Maverick 6026 Cons

Some will not like the fact that Maverick 6026 weights 531 lbs, but it all comes down to personal preference and how heavy your safe really needs to be. Other than its weight, Maverick 6026 is a solid safe with no major disadvantages.


Fort Knox Maverick 6026 comes with S&G Mechanical Lock, but it is upgradable to a S&G Electronic lock and even a Biometric Lock, for additional fees. Fluorescent Lights, Carpeted Pedestal, Mirrored Back Wall, Door Rack and Door Organizer are not standard parts of Maverick 6026, but they are surely available on demand. Fort Knox Safes offer amazing level of customization at their official website, so make sure to check it out before you decide to buy one.

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